Tips to Prevent Hardwood Refinishing Mistakes 

Committing mistakes as you refinish your hardwood flooring is quite common. They happen due to inexperience. However, they can also let you learn a lesson that you will not forget ever. From uneven floorboards to gouges and mismatched stains, the issues that happen during DIY repair projects could do a great impact in terms of the satisfaction you will receive from your floor. Watch out for the following mistakes as you try to refinish wood floorings: 

Uneven sanding 

Go to your local hardware store and rent a drum sander—a large piece of tools that weigh a ton and make a severe amount of dust and noise. Also, they are needed to scrape your hardwood floors finish and to flatten and smoothen out impurities and light scratches. The issues can be due to uneven sanding rhythm. If you stay in one area for a long time, you will scrape away a lot of wood layers, which eventually makes shallow, sander-shaped imprints all over your wood flooring. Uneven sanding and odd angles could result in waves, gouges, and circular patterns or “chattering” carved into the floor. Experts can help you with this since they utilize high-quality sandpaper and more powerful equipment that can smoothen out the imperfections. 

Drifting dust particles 

Wood grinding layers and finish off your current flooring can make an extremely dusty environment in your property. It is vital to eliminate these fragments before finishing or staining your floors. The bits of lacquer or wood will be stuck in the new varnish and could make imperfections in the look that you want. You can utilize a vacuum intended for wooden floors together with a damp dusting to pick them all up. Get all the dust within the area by starting at the top before you start the finishing touches.  

Poorly applied finish and stain 

Experts have access to a higher quality formula that dry faster, last longer, and totally look great after completing the flooring project. Moreover, the technique really counts. DIY flooring jobs usually have a common issue, which is peeling finish. Once you do not entirely clear of the stain prior to the application of the finish, it stops it from sticking to the wood. If you want to prevent this from happening to your floor, make sure to contact a flooring expert right away. 

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