Find Out How Long Your Commercial Roof Will Last 

When you ask the experts, everyone would be confident telling you that house investment also deals with investing in your roof. The roof is what protects the house, the elements in it, and the foundation of it, besides aesthetic purposes.  

Investing in roof means that it can last a lifetime so you would not need to have repairs and replacements, and scratch your head because of the costs these entail. What kind of roof do you have? The lifespan of your roof depends largely on what kind of roofing material it is besides of course their quality, durability, and the processes of maintenance and installation. Here, in the professional roofers Billings MT we offer you different high-quality materials that can stand the test of damaging elements in different environment.  

So, without further ado, here is the list of roofing materials and the things you need to know: 

  • Metal – metal roof is the best choice you have for businesses and commercial buildings as it can last up to fifty (50) years, with proper maintenance. Although there are different factors that play a role in determining its lifespan such as installation, material quality, kind of metal used, and maintenance. Some metals that are used for roofs include aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel, which is the popular choice among the options.  
  • Asphalt – this roofing material is the common choice for residential buildings due to its long lifespan and cheaper costs. Asphalt can be weaker and less durable than metal. However, when your roof is installed by a professional and reputable roofer, you can expect it to last from 10 to 25 years. Not bad. Its lifespan also depends on factors like weather, roof slope, and environmental factors.  
  • PVC roofing – PVC stands for polyvinyl chlorideThese roofs are a great value and can last up to 35 years. These roofing are resilient and a pragmatic option and can be great for industrial pollutants and waste. In fact, it was the most common choice back in the 60s.  
  • Slate and Tile Roofs – these roofs can be quite expensive compared with other roofing materials. This is because of the weight and the sheer heft of the materials. However, what is great about these is that they last longer than other materials, even longer than the metal. In fact, it is said it can last up to a hundred years. When you opt for this, make sure that you are provided with the right and decent warranty. 
  • Green roofs – this is, by far, the most eco-friendly choice you can have. These roofs are good for vegetation and planting different plants, and even trees. These are just conventional flat roofs that are covered with living things that effectively reduce the carbon footprint of your house. When it comes to lifespan; depends on different factors like foliage, plants, and the vegetation. When you opt for green roof, make sure that your account for the weight with structural support.  

Ask a Professional  

It is no worthy to just make a hunch and guess. It is advised that you contact your trusted roofers and ask what is the most ideal roofing in your area.  


Home Improvement: Roof Repair

The house is a structure that a lot of our investment goes into. That is why it is imperative that you protect that very investment by not taking any shortcuts in the building process. However, you can use the best and highest quality material but to ensure a sturdy house but if you don’t put effort in the maintenance of you home it will still decay and worn away.

Speaking of protection your house number one shield against the barrage of elements of mother nature is the roof. It is as vulnerable as it is essential to you. It is important for you to hire a professional waterproof roofing Kamloops. Your contractor will play a great role into ensuring that your house won’t have leaks when there is rain. That the sun won’t play tiny spotlights into your home because of holes.

So, when doing any home improvement ideas, you should always think first of the roof of your house. Here are some of the rationale as to why roof repair should be the first thing you should think of when you are doing any home improvement.

1. Less Cost

Roof repair is not something that you can DIY and you don’t necessarily want to call the roof contractors, get the permits and pay money for a small fix. However, as mentioned before the roof of your house, protects your house and your family against the mercy of the weather. It will also keep other problems from developing because of a leaky roof. If that happens the cost of repairs in both the roof and the other parts of the house will rise.

2. Health Quality

If by some chance there is a damage on the roof and you let it fester for as long as you can. There will be more likely some mold growing in unseen places and that could be dangerous to the health of the entire family. Mold can cause allergic reaction and asthma attacks. It can really be bad on the respiratory tract if mold is left to fester in the home.

3. Curb Appeal

If you let your roof go, it will work against you naturally. The number one thing that prospective buyers that will notice to your home is the roof itself. If you do let it go it will more than likely lower the value of your house and the lower the curb appeal of your property.

4. Replacement

If you neglect the state of your roof, you will more than likely need a replacement of it rather than a repair to it. There is a difference in cost for roof repair and rood replacement and the latter is more expensive than you anticipate. It totally supports the first point wherein if you work on it as soon as possible you will more likely save more.

There are times when an owner can be stubborn and won’t listen to the many people telling them otherwise. This usually ends in regret and sometimes unnecessary payment to costs that would have been avoided with a little care.